Donate now to support our local cancer organization in Williston, ND

BRAS for A CAUSE is committed to making lives a little easier for those who are fighting cancer. Join the Williston, ND community to host multiple events throughout the year to educate community members in a fun atmosphere. Some of our popular events include a bra auction and a gumbo cookoff. We encourage donors to get creative to raise money. All donations go directly to cancer patients in the area.

Support our cause by

  • Becoming a SPONSOR for one of our upcoming events (will include advertising and other perks to be explained)
  • Our 10 for 10 Challenge-$10 for 10 months for a total of $100 per year. This can be paid in one lump sum or monthly for $10 by check or credit card.
  • A one-time donation to BFAC
  • A fundraiser with BAFC as the non-profit that is the recipient of the funds raised
  • Tax deductible year-end charitable giving
  • Estate Planning
  • Endowments

Get in touch to learn more about joining our committee and any future events and projects.

4 great reasons to make a donation

Do you want to donate to a good cause but don't know where to start? BRAS for A CAUSE is a local organization focused on the cancer foundation with an emphasis on fundraising for cancer patients throughout Williston, ND. When you donate:

  • You can feel great about doing something good
  • You're supporting members of your own community
  • You'll know every cent of your donation will make a difference
  • You can set a solid example for others
Join the cause of cancer awareness today. Take advantage of our convenient cash, credit card, check or online donation options

What makes BRAS for A CAUSE different?

When you donate to BRAS for A CAUSE, you can rest assured your money is going where it matters. Our foundation:

  • Makes sure 100 percent of all donations go back into the community
  • Has donated over $1.5 million since being founded
  • Helps cancer patients with medical bills and expenses
Want to learn more about our local events in Williston, ND? Call 701-570-1574 to speak with a team member.